This morning President Obama announced in a snatched interview between his appointment is meeting British politicians heads of state, that Salvia would, from early next year, be made completely legal. There were scenes of mass hysteria outside colleges and universities across the United States, as people celebrated emancipation from what has become a big brother society.

No doubt this move will not please everyone, it will especially annoy those that have spent so many years campaigning for the drug to be banned. It is, however, the only sensible way forward. As noted in many previous articles on this site, banning Salvia was a road that would only lead to ruin and despair for those trying to impose the ban.

The news means sales of Salvia have rocketed on the Internet sites that provided the drug. People are openly smoking Salvia even in those states in which it is banned; these people must remember that until the law says otherwise, smoking, selling, and buying of Salvia is still illegal.

In other news of the day, YouTube – a source of much controversy for Salvia — has decided to start displaying all its videos upside down. It is still possible to watch them the right way up, all indications suggest that upside down is the new standard. Other video sites are expected to follow. Whether this will confuse or enhance a Salvia trip is unknown.

Okay, yes. It is April 1st. This story has been almost entirely fictional.

What a story it would be though if it were true. I don’t mind a little flights of fancy occasionally, as I hope for a free society. I’m only sorry that I had to bring you down after I built you right up. Still, it’s only once per year isn’t it? Enjoy your Salvia while you still can.

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