Very few people are aware of the real facets of salvia divinorum. Many people still define it as a hallucinogen and associate various disadvantages and side effects from its consumption. However, there is no authenticity related to such stories. Salvia is considered a sacred plant which belongs to the family of mint. It can be consumed in varying desirable quantities to experience the trances associated with this plant.

The consumption of salvia divinorum is not unhealthy. While the consumption of hallucinogens usually makes a person feel dizzy once they take effect, a person that consumes salvia feels energized and happy. This is basically the major reason why salvia is considered a sacred plant.

Physical Attributes

Another name for this sacred herbal plant is Diviner’s Sage. Initially found only in Mexico, this plant is now available in Central and South America too. This dark green plant has broad, oval-shaped leaves. Historians have confirmed the usage of this plant by Mexican Shamans to carry out their religious and traditional rituals.

The Effects

The consumption of this unique herb gives a blissful trancelike feeling to the body and mind of the person. The effects of this herb are same regardless of how you prefer to consume it (for e.g. chewing, drinking or smoking salvia). The strength of the effect can however vary from person to person depending on the amount and the strength of salvia divinorum consumed. According to a study based on the experiences of people who have consumed salvia, there were reports confirming that people feel energized and livelier after the consumption.


The usage of salvia has become common among adults and teenagers. In fact, a survey revealed that more than 5.7% of high school going teenagers use this herb for rejuvenating themselves to ward off anxiety feelings. Surveys conducted later showed even higher percentages of high school teens were actually using the herb.. Other than this, even middle-aged and old aged people showed interest towards this unique herb for enjoying meditational experiences and getting rid of their worries.

Unlike how dangerous some people regard it, salvia divinorum is a safe herb and has no physical or mental side effects for human beings. However, it is recommended for first-time users to start off with lower strength and a small dosage to avoid any  unpleasantexperience.

If you want to wither away exhaustion, depression and feelings of anxiety, salvia could be  the answer.