Throughout the history, plants have been used extensively by spiritual seekers, healers and shamans to enter varied states of consciousness and speed up the spiritual pursuit. For this purpose, plants that have been used include; cannabis, peyote, salvia divinorum and psilocybin mushrooms. With the use of these plants or herbs, spiritual seekers get an understanding of astral projection, get access to the collective unconscious and through both of these, they find tranquility and peace.

Benefits of Salvia Divinorum

Although, the use of plants for spiritual pursuits or quests has faced immense criticism and numerous negative connotations by many disbelievers or critics, the benefits of such plants, including salvia divinorum, cannot be ignored. According to a number of researches, ingestion of psychoactive plants provides numerous psychological benefits to the user.

A majority of such plants or herbs that were used for spiritual quests for centuries have now been made illegal, with the exception of salvia divinorum. This herb is still legal in most countries around the world and can be used to improve the spiritual growth. First used by the Mexican Mazatec shamans, salvia divinorum or Diviner’s Sage, as it is most commonly known, is part of the mint and sage families.

The benefits associated with the use of salvia divinorum have also been proven by scientific research that stated that by smoking salvia, an individual will benefit from enhanced self-confidence; increased insight; a better mood and improved concentration. Moreover, many of salvia users have termed their experience as calming and peaceful.

How To Consume Salvia Divinorum?

Given the benefits associated with salvia mentioned above, it is worth giving it a try. The next question to ask would be – how to consume salvia divinorum? The answer to this question is the salvia leaves can either be chewed or can be smoked. However, smoking salvia is considered the most effective way in which its benefits can be reaped to the maximum. A water pipe can be used to smoke the dried leaves of salvia, but they have to be heated at a very high temperature so that the psychoactive properties are properly released. For this reason, majority of the people prefer salvia extracts or preparations having a high level of concentration.

To experience the positive effects of salvia divinorum, it is best to buy salvia online, provided the supplier is reputable and has experience of both using and selling the plant. Most of the websites online also provide customers’ testimonials on their website, which you can review if you still have any doubts in mind.