Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive herbaceous species in the world that is considered to be legal in certain countries. This species is a herb that can be used by chewing, inhaling (smoking). This is a herb that can be grown as an ordinary plant at home. It is a plant that can be grown at home as a decorative plant. It is mostly planted and cultivated for an aesthetic and landscaping purpose. This plant is called he Diviner’s sage since it is used in the divination and healing action or sessions. This plant requires a moist and a shady habitat for growing. This plant is given the name Divinorum after the psychoactive constituent it has in it called the Salvinorin A which is a diterpenoid. The use of this type of plants normally creates the calmness, increased mood which may be an unpleasant one. This plant has the potential as an analgesic. This is an exclusive therapeutic tool for the drug addict related treatment. Mostly these plants are included in the medical treatments that are done for the headaches, diarrhea, and rheumatism. This plant is generally considered to be the best psychoactive plant. They are neither a toxicant nor an addictive plant. Grown up for the ornamental needs at homes and medical needs at the farms.