was first created in 2006 to provide you with affordable and high quality Salvia leaves and Salvia extracts. It was originally owned and operated by CCNET, LLC which was acquired by later acquired by ARES, LLC., an Indiana company, established in 2013.

All our products are stocked and fulfilled by a fulfillment company located in California, USA.

In 2007, due to a growing demand, we introduced and continued to carry a variety of herbal incense products in addition to Salvia Divinorum.

Our products include:

Kratom Products                              Bali Diesel

Xscape                                                  Super Fly

Cahoots                                               Vicozen

Ignite                                                    Zero Chem

Vortex                                                  Big Bang

It is our commitment to continue providing you with high quality herbal products at competitive prices.