An article in the San Fransisco Chronicle caught by beady eye recently; predictably, my interest was not for the right reasons. The piece – A Salvia divinorum horror story – was as biased and uninformed as most of these pieces usually are. There’s no surprise there, then, and this wasn’t the reason that the piece got my heckles way up. This piece, ladies and gentlemen, is a badly disguised piece of scare mongering.

The author writes about how dosing – the practice of administering recreational drugs on an unsuspecting user – is becoming a problem, with Salvia being the cause of this problem. This is absolutely not true. As the author says earlier in the article, dosing was being carried out by proponents of LSD who were desperate to get their ‘straight’ friends to trip out, man. That had absolutely nothing to do with Salvia Divinorum then, and I’m not entirely sure how it is related now.

The article sites one example of a woman who was a victim of ‘dosing’ when someone slipped some Salvia in her Marijuana joint. This sent her a bit trippy and, understandably, she was a little upset. This upset was life threatening, says the reporter, and all of this points to the fact that Salvia is evil and should be banned.

How about the person who performed the dosing? Isn’t the evil link in this particular chain? What about the Marijuana? Could that have been bad? How about the possibility that this lady just wasn’t feeling very well on this particular occasion? It seems to me that Salvia isn’t necessarily the bad guy here. If there’s any concrete proof that Salvia Divinorum is dangerous, I would absolutely love a reporter to report on it. Then I would listen.

But hey, if worthless hacks, ahem, I mean reporters like this weren’t so eager to jump on the ‘ban Salvia‘ bandwagon, they wouldn’t have anything to write about, would they?