I am Jamie, a musician from North Carolina. I am into all sorts of music but I play the piano and drums. Recently I’ve been trying out my hand at making electronic music; what I really love about electronic music is that you are not constrained by the limits of any one instrument, any one acoustic or any one musician. Everything you make is down to you. In many ways this is the most pure of all types of composition.

I’m always looking for inspiration. A strange looking dog here, a sound of rain there, the way a small child dances here. All of these little things can bring something new to my compositions. What gives my music a psychedelic edge, though, is a psychedelic experience. Every now and then I smoke Salvia, feel the trip hit me, wait for it to subside, then write my music. Salvia does give me — and my music — an edge that would not be possible with dancing dogs and strange looking children.

Saliva Divinorum makes me feel strange. Just how strange is difficult to express in words (I would advise trying it for yourself and seeing that way what all the fuss is about) but suffice to say it makes me feel ‘out there’. I don’t get wild hallucinations apart from a sensation of floating and falling upwards. I feel hazy and completely uneasy. This is not a very relaxing trip, nor is it particularly ‘fun’ in my experience (though I am aware that other people get other feelings from Salvia) but it is definitely interesting and quite inspirational from a musician’s point of view.

Salvia is one of the last remaining legal drugs that we know of, and this legality is being challenged in the courts as we speak. I for one am going to take advantage of the legality while I still can.