a natural laboratory of plants.It has played an important role in the production of new species of plants by using the existing species.Many hybrid varieties have been produced by the botany scientists by having the botanical gardens as the laboratory.One cannot think of the black rose which has been created by using the researches undertaken in botanical garden.One can amuse the nature when looking on the plants and tree species in the botanical garden.It will be really interesting to see the trees which are more than hundred years old.We can see the green house in most of the botanical gardens where rare species of plants are grown.Most of the botanical gardens will showcase or exhibit their plant species atleast once a year which is really enjoyable to watch.Flower species take a dominating position in the gardens than vegetable species, as they attract the viewers a lot by their colours.More than a laboratory for the botanical scientists it serves as an refreshing and enjoyable place to the viewers.One can see a lot of coloured butterflies inthe garden which is pleasant to watch.Also we can see squirrels, insects and worms which add to the pleasant experience.