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Look, I know your excited to get started so I'll make this to the point.  Before administering salvia you need to do three things:

  • Write down and speak your intention for the experience

  • Prepare a relaxing (preferably dim) environment to be alone

  • Have your smoke/tea ready for administration

Lets talk about the first point, your intention for the experience...

How To Attract Your Desired Experience
The Power of Stating Your Intention...

The power of intention is getting a lot of attention these days and it's no wonder why - because it works!  The universe is a genie and you have unlimited wishes.  You have to learn how to ask for what you want.  When it comes to money, your love life or even your spiritual advancement.  You have to ask to receive.

And it's fun too!  Remember when you were a child and were asked to make a Christmas list?  This is the exact same thing.  Make a list of questions, or spiritual phenomena you want to experience within the next few weeks.  Don't worry about how or when it's going to happen - just write down what you want.

Now that part is not tricky.  In fact people talk about what they want all their life and never receive it.  Certainly the reason for this is because they never moved that thought into a feeling.  They never felt what it might be like to possess their desire.

And that's the trick to getting what you want.  You have to lighten up, take a moment and 'make-believe' that your already in possession of the thing you desire.

For example, if your intention is leave your body through the salvia experience, begin your session with gratitude that what you seek has already taken place in the near future.  Thank the universe for allowing you to have such an experience than begin to imagine the experience as if it was happening at this very moment.  This isn't a mind game... no.

Rather you're changing your energy field into that which is in harmony with what you wish to attract.  Ever heard the saying "Like attracts like." Well it's true!  Negative experiences gravitate towards negative people, and negative people towards negative experiences!

Now if you intentionally begin your experience by changing your energy field to that which you desire to attract - whether it be answers, peace, astral projection, etc. - you will begin to attract these things to you almost instantly.

This is a universal law - the law of attraction.  It might also be called the law of magnetism and resembles the law of gravity.  Except we are applying this law in the quantum field, the astral and mental plane - and it works!

Don't think about it and make excuses why it won't work, try it and see for yourself. 

Let's recap how to use the power of intention...

  • Begin by writing down that which you want to attract.  Create a "wish-list" of spiritual phenomena or answers you'd like to obtain though the Salvia experience.

  • Next, change your thinking from that of 'desire' to gratitude for already having obtained the things on the list. 

  • Finally, make your feel yourself already in possession of the experience or objects on the list.  Feel it like it's already a part of you.  You got to feel it - make believe.

This new line of thinking states that you determine your own reality.  You now will be the cause of the experience.  Salvia may act as a 'boast' or a tool to propel you towards your desire - but you must decide what you want.  By stating what you what first - your in control.

You've always been the cause of the things which happen to you.  Your thoughts and feelings set things in motion which inevitably attract the circumstances of your life.  You are where you find yourself at this very moment as a result of accumulated thinking and feeling.

Where you'll be in a year will also be a result of how you think and feel.  What circumstances do you attract - what environments do you gravitate towards - what objects do you bring towards you?  These are all effects.  The cause of these effects is YOU.

If you fail to take this crucial step you'll simply be at the effect of whatever your dominate thought or attractor field is.  Allow yourself to be the cause of your experience by stating your intention, and than feeling like your already in possession of it.  There's magic power in stating your intention - see for yourself.

Do this vital step before going forward.  Go ahead - begin by making a list of your intentions.  Start right away!  This page will still be here when your done.

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Collecting Energy From Your Body: Relaxation
Intelligently preparing for the experience.

Luckily, this next part will come as natural as drifting off to sleep.  And that's precisely what you should try to do - relax to the point where your about to cross the thresh-hold between the physical world, and the astral world.

We've provided an astral induction track for that you can download here.

As a general rule, when the man stops talking (approx. 11 minutes into it) you should administer the salvia dragon if you are smoking it.  The effects will be felt almost instantly.  You must learn to let go of your desire to associate your experience with the body.  LET go of your desire to 'check up' with how your limbs feel, how your muscles feel and relax totally.  Let out a sigh and close your eyes... let the dragon take you away.

For those drinking a tea, sip it slowly while the track plays and when your finished, close your eyes.

If you don't want to use the audio track that's fine also!  However it's highly recommended for those looking to maximize the effects and get the greatest benefits from the salvia experience.

The purpose of relaxation is to collect energy from the bodies skeletal muscle and sympathetic nervous system.  You don't want to lose your ability to 'cause' (grand central nervous system) but you don't want to lose your attachment with motor-instinctual reactions to sound and movement.

You want to be so relaxed that a sudden sound would not startle you.  This closely resembles sleep but without losing consciousness.  To be acutely aware of your surroundings, your inner movements, but not at the effect of them.  To be in control of your energy and no longer at the effect. 

The relaxation track is perfect for this.  Otherwise use your favorite relaxation technique.

Let your guard down and prepare for the administration...

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Instructions to Administer
Smoking or Drinking the Dragon

Moving slowly, conserving the relaxed state like it was pure gold - move on to the administration.

To Smoke Salvia Dragon

Load a pinch of Salvia Divinorum (leaf) into a regular tobacco pipe or water bong.  This should make up the bulk of the bowl.  Atop the leaf add approx 1/4 vial of Salvia Dragon 10x.  The extract is much more potent than the leaf alone - so don't use a whole lot...  1/2 a gram (or 1/4 a vial) is all we recommend per experience.  If your preparations have been made, this is more than enough.

Remember, Salvinorum-A (the active ingredients) require very hot temperatures to vaporize so use the torch lighter included in your order.

Apply the torch flame and inhale slowly.  Hold the breath for a minimum of 10 seconds and let it out with sigh, "Aahhhhh..."  The sigh will help to relax.

Two-three inhalations will typically suffice.  The effects will normally be felt after the very first breath and you must try to stay with your body to administer more before totally letting go...

To Drink Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Dragon 10x was never meant to be infused into a tea - however the Salvia Divinorum leaves have been used to make teas for hundreds of years as far as we know.

The effects are considerably less when drank than if smoked - but for those who insist on not smoking it we've included infusion directions below.

An infusion is basically a herbal tea. You can make herbal tea yourself by simply infusing the aerial parts of herbs (including the flowers, stems, and leaves) in water.

  • If using dried herbs: use 1/4 baggy of Salvia Divinorum (approx. 10 grams) dried leaf for each cup (8 ounces) of water, or 1 ounce per each pint. Boil for 10-12 minutes.  Then steep (let sit) for 5-10 in the water that has just been boiled.  Strain the infusion removing the leaf from the liquid.  Sweeten as needed.

  • If using fresh herbs: use 3 teaspoons of the fresh plant parts per each pint of water. Make the same way as above, and strain.

  • You can make the concoction in cup-sized doses or larger teapot doses. If using for medicinal value, the infusion should be consumed in 8-ounce doses, three times a day.

  • For storage: cover mixture, store in a cool place, and use within 24 hours.

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Letting Go Of Your Reality...
Let go of reality to make room for a new one.

I can't tell you what to expect.  And I don't want to try and describe what you should feeling while all this takes place.  That would be wrong of me and would indeed hinder your progress.

Rather I can suggest that you simply let go.  Let go of your attachment to your physical being and make way for the consciousness to experience a new reality.

  • Let go of the the world - it'll be here when you get back.

  • Let go of your worries - reasoning will do you no good here.

  • Let go of your tension - what good is it?

  • Let go of your self - it's what's holding you down.

Everything will be alright.  It has always been good.  Everything's the way it's supposed to be.  And when the moment comes for your salvia experience, there is no where else in the world you are supposed to be, nothing else in the universe you are supposed to be doing - except what your doing right here, right now - at this very moment.

So relax.  Roll your eyeballs up and close your eye lids.  Let go of everything... because the truth your on your way to where your going...  relax and let someone else drive for a while.  Relax, relax *sigh* and relax...

It's a magical world out there - lets go exploring.

Venerable peace,


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