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Dear seeker,  

No one knows the challenges of living a spiritual life today's grossly negative society better than you do. 

It's undeniable that most of the world is living a low energy lifestyle, dying young, getting sick frequently, and being brain washed by mass marketing and the media constantly.

Yet you persevere, looking for the answers you know are there, seeking for the seeds of solutions in the heart of this mess.

And that's why you find yourself here today - because you've persevered through many of disappointments and let downs still diligent.

You have a vision of experiencing spiritual phenomena, leaving your body or traveling to another plane.

I want to help you get there.

Salvia brings you a closer to the spiritual illumination.  Here's a tool for advancement that you can begin using this very day.  However before you get started I recommend you read these short-and-sweet members area.  Navigate at your own pace, but be sure to read:

What you'll find in this members area are some tips and suggestions for making the most out of your experience.  Concentration, relaxation and intention are the ideas you want to embody before inducing the Salvia experience.

  • Creating your intention for the experience

  • Collecting energy from your body: Relaxation

  • Instructions to Administer

  • Letting go...

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You'll also discover more about our latest products for those who are interested in continuing their spiritual journey and reaching their goal.

P.S. Have an experience you want to share or see posted?  Email me right away and tell me all about it!

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